New Year’s Eve Reflections

While I have some funny and awful stories to share with you, I will save those for the future. Tonight, instead, I’d like to reflect on some of the great achievements and failures of this past year.

Failures first:

I was too easily distracted and did not spend enough time on personal fitness. Thing after thing piled up and got in the way.

I spent very little time working on my music. Neither practicing nor composing, I exerted shamefully little effort on improving voice, piano or flute.

My blog posts became so infrequent even I at times forgot how long it had been since I last posted.

I have still not mastered the art of grocery shopping for one.

Successes after:

I completed a full-length draft of one of my plays and submitted three applications. I know the odds are ridiculously low, but I am very proud of completing them. Along those lines I also got the GRE over with. I may not have performed as well as I would have liked but at least I did it.

I moved out, became self-sufficient and took on more responsibilities at work.

I figured out a little bit more of what I want out of life.

2012 was also full of some great moments–my brother, sister-in-law and nephew all moved to Portland so I have been able to spend time with them. My sister and brother both have lost impressive amounts of weight, as well as some friends. I was able to reconnect with a lot of friends thanks to travel at work and some closer to home. It makes me happy to see others happy. I attended three weddings and no funerals. There was a lot of tea and even more coffee. Books were read, poems written, music listened to and paintings/collages created. While I have neglected my music I have been exploring other art forms.

I had my fair share of mishaps–some I’ve chronicled, some I will chronicle… A train ride in October, then a snow bank, ticket and food poisoning all within the last week or so to just begin the recounting.

I can’t help but feel that even with everything going on–not enough happened in 2012. I didn’t make enough happen in 2012. I’d like to change that in 2013.


-Blog regularly
-Focus again on eating well, building up strength and endurance and strengthening my core
-Take time for writing and for music equally
-Reserve the hermit time I need, but actually take some initiative when it comes to friends. I think I’ve always spent too much time waiting for others to invite me–I need to become more proactive in inviting others
-Let people in

Wishing you the very best in 2013–expect many more tales, adventures, fancies and speeches from me in the future.

Happy New Year!


Join me for a rousing chorus of Auld Lang Syne

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