Nothing Much

“Nobody has a higher opinion of herself than the Scorpio woman. […] A survivor of the first order, she endures life’s natural disasters, both big and small, parlaying the most paralyzing setbacks into subsequent successes […] the ability to contain and control what the rest of us experience as spontaneous sensation makes her a most cool-headed character–she is uncannily composed under pressure, or in times of crisis. […] Other people have humble opinions, but Scorpio has all the answers. […] Scorpio is all sixth sense.” (Sextrology, Starsky + Cox)

She is often wrong–she keeps her emotions hidden–her greatest strengths can also lead to her greatest weaknesses. The scorpion, the snake, the spider…the phoenix.

Scorpio sees a lot–but she can also be a big idiot.

It’s kind of comforting to see things written down.

It makes me feel less crazy.

Although it probably makes me sound more…

I’m ok with that.

I think the heating element in my stove might be out. I tried to warm up a roll today and when I came back ten minutes later the oven was still cool.

I’ll worry about that tomorrow.


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