Classes. Again.

The spring term began this week at The Saint and, taking advantage of tuition remission, I signed up for two courses that I need to tack on the Writing Minor. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday I am taking Ethics in Writing. I’m still not sure what this class will look like since our Professor is at a conference (lucky her–I ADORE conferences) so our first class consisted of watching a film. I am hoping that we are going to focus a little bit on marketing and the various tools that can be employed… On Tuesday/Thursday I am taking Advanced Creative Writing–a class that will focus on studying different writing forms and styles that we will imitate. I am really excited about the idea of sharpening writing techniques without the personal ego-attachment of “creating art”, honing in on why/which/when/where we use the words and sounds (I am a big fan of assonance, repetition and alliteration) and shapes that we do.

I’ve spent a few hours over the last two days completing my first homework assignment for the Creative Writing class and I am not at all ashamed to admit how delighted I am to have homework again. I’ve missed being in school so much!

As you know I never commit by halves–since I am not on the road as much in the spring I am not only taking two classes but I am also going to be in SMU’s spring show all while planning a large event for work. It feels good to be busy again. I’m not overbooked (although I definitely shouldn’t take up a new hobby) but now that I’m not working on my applications I need to be intellectually stimulated. I have to be able to see the goal that I am working toward.

I notice that when my brain is engaged I am also much better at sticking to my health regimen. I’ve done an hour of cardio every night after work since I started back up last week (except tonight which I took off because I started to feel like I might be coming down with something so I will be heading to bed very soon). When I’m thinking I want to exercise–when I exercise I eat better and less calories–when I eat better/exercise I feel better–when I feel better I think better. So I guess that whole “mind-body connection” is real, huh?

A little pampering can also go a long way toward easing mental angst, and after a second trip to Olympus Spa for a friend’s birthday, I have decided that I want to go once a month. What a great, cost-efficient way to let go of all responsibility, worry and expectation. We all need time to simply be.


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