Involuntary Exile

I’ve spent the past four days sick, on my living room couch, wishing to be anywhere but home. The fever, headache, burning sore throat and stomach ache were bad enough, but being home started to take its toll. I had to miss class and two days of work (first time I’ve actually used a day of sick leave), and rather than relaxing my Saturday was spent alternately coughing, sleeping and sneezing. Today I’m at about 70% better than I was before, we’re finally at the point where I just sound extremely congested and I can move without the world spinning. And before you ask patronizingly–yes, I did get a flu shot. Apparently it didn’t do the trick this year.

The main point of this post is not that I’ve been sick for the past few days–it’s what I realized while I was sick. Not being able to hang out with friends and coworkers, having one day where I could barely talk, I noticed something strange. Even with books and magazines, hulu and netflix and hours of naps, I was missing something. What was I missing? People.

I’ve always been a hermit, but I suddenly seem to be in this phase of my life where I need much less hermit time–hardly an at all! I want to eat out and hang out and go to movies constantly and coffee shops and bookstores and houses and the spa and well…basically anywhere except home.

I think I’m becoming a slightly more normal person! I want to hang out with friends!

I can only assumed I’ve finally overdosed on my own narcissism. (Well…I’ve already used some variant of “I” 25 times in this post so probably not).

This is excellent progress!

Actually feeling a little bit lonely will probably be quite good for me–make me go out of my way to plan outings.

I am planning some improvements around home. For instance, I finally finished sewing the curtains for my bedroom. Up next I’m planning to come up with some curtains for the sewing/music room and I will recover two of my couch pillows that had started to fray. I want to make a faux headboard for my bedroom as well, but I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. I know I’ve done some decorating in the living room but I need to bring the other rooms under control as well.

I’m finally well enough to move about and speak and think and type–I’m hoping tomorrow I will no longer be snotty or coughy and hopefully I’ll be able to resume my gym visits! (Which I had been doing very well at before coming down with this ridiculous flu).


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