Home Decorating

It recently occurred to me that while I have been happily inhabiting my duplex since April (I’m almost done with my 10th month!) I’ve probably had a grand total of six people over, unless you count my move-in crew which puts the number at eight. Oops?

I have also recently decided to do some more decorating, so I am going to take advantage of the fact that hardly anyone knows what my place looks like and do posts when organizing/decorating a room.

So I present for your enjoyment my absolutely delightful (and admittedly frilly) living room. The very loose theme is Global Fashion, or rather the idea that the world of fashion unites us all. Also, hearts and flowers. (Very, very loose).
[Tucked right by my entry way is the corner I like to write in]

living room writing corner

[Then panning over to the left we have this awesome collage I made, which you have already seen a photo of, and tissue paper flowers]Image

[Then if we do a 180 you can see my couch and some of my bookshelves. That picture above the wall? Some awesome fabric I got from my grandma–conveniently matches two of the throw pillows! Chairs and table also from my grandparents, couch from uncle, lamp from Cost Plus.]living room zen shelves [Then on the left we have more of my books and magazines. I still don’t have enough book shelves…le sigh. Featuring a purple bookshelf from Y.]

living room books

[Then if we were to turn around again and go past the tissue paper flowers we have my additional reading nook/bar area. Note the continuation of the tissue paper flower theme. Plus hearts. I think ordinarily a family would put a dining table here so they have someplace civilized to eat but as I have an unnatural abhorrence of eating at the dining table I have put the space to use in a much more sensible fashion. Papasan chair from my on-maternity-leave office-mate.]living room bar

[And, as an added bonus, you get a shot of part of my kitchen. My kitchen is sea-themed because I bought that awesome starfish thing in Ocean Shores a long time ago and I’ve been wanting a place to hang it for ages. My grandmother also gifted me that rad seashell fabric that I thought I would probably never find a use for. Also pictured are three of my favorite kitchen items–my kitchenaid thanks to 2011 tax return), new whistling tea kettle (thanks to parents), and robot measuring cup man that I found in a shop in Long Beach.]

Seashell Kitchen

I have long since acknowledged that my house will never be Martha Stewart picture perfect with everything in its right place. I’m artsy–not crafty. This isn’t to say that I cannot do crafts, but when I do them they never come out looking like the cookie cutter things that others make. My brain fires just a tad differently…and I prefer my sort of lived-in clean but not 100% neat.

So anywho that’s all you get for tonight (mostly because my bedroom and music/sewing room are both catastrophes right now) but someday, when I get around to decorating them, you shall see them. Hopefully this time it won’t take 9+ months.

And when I can figure out how to get a picture of the space in my little bathroom that’ll go up too…

Night all–it’s 42 minutes past my bedtime!



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