The Room Rearranging Continues…

Today’s update will be short and sweet.

I  spent a good part of the afternoon rearranging and clearing out my bedroom/office, and hanging the pictures I was recently given by my mother when she took them out of the guest room at my parents’ house. I had coveted the pictures for a long time so I’m delighted that they are now hanging in the office portion of my bedroom.

I’ve just begun in this room so there are still touches needed, but I thought I’d share a couple shots of where I’m at:

The door has an Emilie-original collage, of course.


I’m planning on making a DIY headboard, but I have not settled on exactly what style yet. My comforter was in the dryer at the time the  photo was taken (actually…it’s still in there. I should go get it).

DSCN3052Then, for easy access, I’ve got a small side table with a lamp for reading and writing, plus a stack with my journal and current book of choice. Also a coaster–I never go to sleep without some water.


On the right of the bed are my two small units that I have stacked to create a dresser, topped off by a box of jewelry and some bedtime reading.

DSCN3054Moving into the office half of the room, just past my bed we have a shelf that needs to be organized.

picture shelf

Then pan on over to the right and you have my workstation.

picture deskI am excited that I will be able to write here while looking out into my backyard. Previously the desk was facing the wall, but I know that I will use it much more consistently now that it faces nature.

Window deskThe flow of my room is much better now. Previously the large shelf unit was set up at the end of my bed and truncated the space, now that the shelf is against the wall the entire room feels much larger and the desk is easily accessible rather than hidden.

I would like to paint the shelf and possibly the desk, as well as do more decorating around my bed, but I feel so much better now that the room is open and not cluttered.

Unfortunately, now the hallway outside my bedroom has some things in it that came out of the room so I will have to deal with that tomorrow (I’ve dinner plans today) but I suppose that’s the way of things.

Once I’ve finished, I’ll only have one room left to beautify!




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