Coconut Oil, New Tires & Cupcakes

So, for all of you who have been wondering, it looks like I’ll be around next year. Unless I give in to the University of Portland who is sending me all the emails and mailings they possibly can. I’m assuming they got me in a name buy from the GRE. I mean, I’ve had about six other schools contact me as well, but UP is relentless! According to their marketing I’m a Priority Candidate. It kind of takes the glamour out of things…working on this side of enrollment. I’ve had condolences and hugs…but the thing is…I’m not at all bothered. Isn’t that weird?

Not being one of 2 out of 784 isn’t that insulting to my pride, sensibilities or my own estimations of my talents (and weaknesses).

I’ve got more life plans boiling and I’m getting really excited about them. And I’m starting to realize how much I love this area. I won’t be here forever, but I’m kind of excited to be here for now.

I’m working tons of hours but I’m honest-to-goodness really enjoying my job. Some aspects are less exciting than others, but as my projects expand so too does my interest. It’s classic Emilie–I always invest fully where I’m at. I make myself at home. I work hard. I want to be good at what I do. So I am. (It counts for a lot that I really, seriously, enjoy my coworkers. Having a positive working environment is extremely important to me. Also…I now have the world’s largest desk).

After work I’ve been rushing to rehearsal for SMU’s spring show: The Memorandum. If you want to come it’s next month at the State Theatre. I love rehearsal. I love acting. I want to direct again. I really, really want to direct again. I’ve got some new play ideas. I have an old play I’m going to rewrite. I also want to write some more non-theatre fiction. This Creative Writing class I’m in has reminded me of all the things I love to read and write, along with Book Club.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll go to Grad school. I’ll get a Masters, and then some. I’ll keep taking classes. Someday I will be Dr. Schnabel. But the where and what are subject to change. Things are always subject to change. That’s what keeps life exciting.


I’ve lost 5 pounds. For over a week now my morning and nighttime weight have been the same, which is 5 pounds less than it was at the beginning of the month. I’m getting ready for a 5k with my friend/coworker (which sounds like nothing but for someone who has never been a runner and who has physically-induced asthma it is a BIG DEAL). I’m lifting weights which I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve been doing yoga again and paying attention to what I’m eating again.

I’m in love with coconut oil. I recently switched to it for cooking and baking and oiling my cast iron pans. It’s amazing. It tastes great. It’s got some health benefits and it cooks really well. I highly recommend it to everyone.

For over a year or so I’ve needed new back tires. I’ve surmised that my worn tread may have played a part in my Christmas morning snow adventure. I’ve tried to go to Les Schwab a couple of times to get them, but for some reason I always manage to show up when it is closed or I don’t have enough time. Today, however, I did not have work (thank you Catholic college and St. Benedict’s feast day!) so I went over there in the morning. Two hours later I had new tires, an amazing tread, and a feeling of great fulfillment. Who knows, someday soon I may even replace my windshield!

I tried out the recipe for two cupcakes that has been going around Pinterest and it is delicious. I substituted coconut oil for butter which added a great taste and made it a little fluffier. I used TJ’s version of nutella in lieu of frosting. Yum!


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m happy and cozy and excited and inspired and feeling grateful and blessed. I have a lovely home, a great job, health insurance and a car. And a family. And friends. And passion and art. And instruments.

It’s strange to me, how no one is ever really where they say they will be at the time and place they think. Life’s little mysteries are beautiful and exciting and hilarious and yes, sometimes, painful. But if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that life tends to work out. Better, often, than we could ever plan.

I’m excited to get out more. To hike and camp and go to concerts and invest in people’s lives and in my own. In the moment. Because the moment (no matter how trite this sounds) is all we have.


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