One Year Here

Dear World:

Where did the last year go?

That’s right, it’s been a year since I moved here.

Crazy, huh?

In order to celebrate I finally (after watching tv literally all day yesterday) got up some steam and rearranged/organized my back room. It’s not decorated, there are a few things that need to still be sorted (and my bookshelf needs to be seriously sorted out), but by golly it’s usable now! And it is going to stay that way!





Then I restrung my acoustic guitar so I could use it again…

DSCN3157And then I realized that when I bought guitar strings on Friday I was supposed to buy violin strings too because I’d snapped one the other week…I guess I’ll just have to go back to the music store…darn 😉

I know I say this all the time…but I really truly do intend to have friends over this year. Multiple friends. At the same time.

I’m thinking a BBQ and a High Tea Party, separately obviously.

Or a movie party. With my tv. ‘Cause I totally have one of those now!


If you’d like to come see my show, here’s the information:


Since I’m planning on being here for one more year at least I’m going to really invest in the area. I’m planning on camping this summer. And hiking a lot. And trying to keep a flower or two alive–we’ll see how that one goes. My mom gave me an easter lily and I warned her that it is probably doomed. I mean the rosemary bush she gave me last time only made it about a week. I don’t know why either…I’m really good at watering.


I’m stuck in an interesting cycle right now. I’ve been working really long days, then going straight to rehearsal, then sleep and repeat. Until Easter break I hadn’t even had a full weekend off (and that trend will pick back up next weekend too). So that’s why I haven’t said a lot lately, there hasn’t been a lot to say. Or think, really. When I do have a few hours off I end up accomplishing nothing because I veg out due to mental exhaustion. This may not be sustainable, but it’s not forever. And I like having things to do.

So, hopefully I’ll see you all soon and have some entertaining stories to share.

Until then I’m off to go read, sing and brush up on scene 10 before rehearsal tonight. I think I’m giving stage management heart attacks with some of the lines I’m using interchangeably…





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