The show, life, goes on.

“So what can we do to break out of this vicious, vicious circle?”–The Memorandum

Getting accidentally high off of hairspray, smearing on layers of makeup and day-glo eyeshadow, sewing shoulder pads onto shoulder pads, and gaining an extra foot of height between hair and heels can only mean one thing: a show set in the ’80s.

My blogging absences have been more frequent than my posts this year, but I assure you I am putting the time offline to the best of use. From a full-plus work day (plus two classes) I rush off to the theatre, head to bed, rinse and repeat. And that’s just the way I like it. Sure, I was run a little ragged two weekends ago, but I took a day off to recoup. I like having things to do.

That weekend was particularly chock-full–on Saturday I had the Staff Diversity Institute, then a run-through of my show, straight on over to the Luau I was dancing in. Then that Sunday was our Admitted Student Reception. Oh, yeah, and I had to write a paper. Then last weekend our show opened so I had no time then either. (Opening weekend went really, really well by the way).

Last night and tonight our show was dark, but rather than get things around home taken care of I’ve been brain-dead and caught up on my hulu and netflix queues instead. What can I say? There’s always next weekend…

I’m not just saying this because I’m in it…but The Memorandum is a really smart show. Written by Vaclav Havel, it is an entertaining (albeit horrifying) satire on the cyclical shortcomings of pointless bureaucracy. Also–did I mention that it is set in the 1980’s? I mean, seriously, the costumes and hair are worth the price of admission alone ($12 regular, $7 students). Anywho it runs through Saturday and tickets are available at the door or on brown paper tickets.

Enough plugging! On to more important things:

Ok, ladies, what do you think of this BB cream craze? I’ve had a few free samples come my way and while I hated the drugstore version, the Nars BB cream did exactly what it was supposed to. I’m intrigued about using it for days when I’m feeling less coverage…except those days don’t happen. What can I say? I’m a full coverage kind of gal.

I also recently invested in the Sally Hansen at home gel nail kit. I haven’t been able to test the longevity of the manicure because of the backstage phenomenon (seriously, if you’re ever in a show watch your manicure get magically chipped away each night) but the gel polish cures in 30 seconds under the light and makes for a lovely finish. I’ll have to try the gel strips next.

I’m trying to turn around my horrible history with plants so I recently purchased a little Hemlock tree and some sort of ground cover plant from the Learning Garden. They told me they could teach me how to Bonsai my tree, and I want to transfer the ground cover into another container and make it a sort of mini-zen garden for my gargantuan desk at work. They’re still alive two weeks later, so that’s longer than my rosemary made it. My Easter lily, on the other hand, is starting to wilt and my venus fly trap is barely limping along. I really don’t understand why I’m such instant death to plants… Ah well, we all have our weaknesses I suppose.

On that note I really ought to head off to bed–with tomorrow being Pay-What-You-Will I’m going to want a full night’s sleep.

Have the most delightful evening, and send happy thoughts to my plants–I think they’ll need them.


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