Return of the Long Lost Emilie!!

You all thought I disappeared, didn’t you? It’s probably been over a month since I have updated this lovely little blog, but I promise you that is because I have been OUT and LIVING LIFE! (Yes, the all caps were quite necessary).

Silly little me spent the beginning of this year complaining about how I was bored and didn’t have a lot of friends who I could “just hang out with” and bemoaning my loneliness. Well I got what I asked for, because ever since then I’ve been a little social butterfly.

I’ve really reconnected with friends from high school as well as made some new, and now I’m craving time at home again because I’m so busy.

I was in a production of The Memorandum (that’s me with the camera):

dressing room

I went to RENT:

al em rent table rent trio rent zombie rent


Where we had a mini high school reunion (and perhaps a bit too much fun).

Then I went to see Pentatonix live in concert in Portland (after getting a haircut):

group ptx

I spent Mother’s Day with my parents in downtown Olympia:

mothers day

And I made a few things like: a seating area on my back porch, a bonsai starter and chocolate cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting.

adonirack bonsai cupcakes

I also went to the spa, spent both last and this weekend with a couple of friends, went hiking and got attacked by mutant mosquitoes.

I just returned from a conference with some of my coworkers that was hosted at WSU:



And I also bought myself an iphone…which has a front-facing camera…which has led to me taking a gratuitous amount of photos of myself (but what’s new?):

1 2 3 4 5


I suppose you could say that the moral of the story is I have yet to strike the balance of actually getting out and doing things, and staying in and blogging about them.

I’ll get better.


In the meantime, I will leave you with a few of my recent obsessions and promise to be better (but I’ll cross my fingers behind my back so you can’t hold me responsible):

1) Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara

2) Rainbow in the S-Kylie Kardashian Kolor by OPI (I know, I know…)


4) Emerald eyeliner!

5) Aussie heat protecting shine spray:


6) Using chalk pastels in my hair!


Also: I already have tickets to more concerts later this year! [Jimmy Eat World at Showbox Sodo (so psyched) and Maroon 5 + Kelly Clarkson at the Gorge]. I may just be belatedly entering the fun side of adulthood, but I’m entering full force!



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