Does Velocity Take Over?

They strike as eyes close

brain tries to remember

carried away

on clouds

of fatigue

and in the morning–



The weekends seem to go by so quickly. Not just the weekends, but the weeknights and days as well. Does the spinning wheel ever slow or, as I age, does velocity take over?


I wish I could consistently get out of bed in the 5am hour before work. The days I do are infinitely superior to those spent slumbering away until 6:30 or 7:00, I have time for breakfast and coffee and thoughts and words. After I have one or two of these days my pattern has been a week of extra-late waking to recover. I would really like to break this pattern.

My ideal day consists of writing and music and work and exercise and moments of quiet. With the infernal acceleration of the passage of time (that affects everything except the last four workday hours on a Friday) I have yet to find a way to fit that all in. I just feel that 5am is the best answer.

How do you convince yourself to get out of bed in the early mornings? Living 14 minutes away from work (counting stoplights and bicyclists) is a blessing…but it can also lead to laziness.


I’m apt to throw things out like “we all have the rest of our lives to live” but lately I’ve been having weird twinges. I can probably blame it on watching four seasons of Parenthood in a week and a half (such a smart show!) but whatever the reason I’ve been wondering about this “30 is the new 20” way that society is going. Numerous studies have popped up in my twitter feed over the past year discussing the “later family/later career” trends. Twenty-somethings live at home, thirty-somethings start careers and many adults are waiting to get married/have children until late thirties and occasionally later. Some economists are attributing some of the shakiness to the lack of “new households” (the commerce that spreads out in ripples when couples move in, young adults move out, houses are purchased) because adults are waiting longer to “settle down”.

I’m certainly not on track to be starting a family any time soon, and I’ve no intention of buying a home within the next 6 years. I am working but am also starting grad school, which will change my trajectory slightly in three years. I am fine with this, but it is a large shift from my parents’ and particularly grandparents’ generations.

So I suppose what I’m asking is, do I feel like the world is speeding up without my permission because that’s just what happens, or do I feel this way because the rate at which people grow up is changing?






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