Emilie’s Quick Christmas Update

Can it truly be almost Christmas? The glowing tree in my living room seems to say yes, but by my account it’s still weeks and weeks away. I think my sense of the passage of time has become skewed. I noticed years ago that spaces which awed me as child seem cramped and lackluster now, but it is alarming how quickly another year has come and almost gone. Where’s the time to breathe?

I had intended to write a Christmas update letter and mail it to friends and family, but I think this is a better forum for such a newsletter.

Here is the speedy version:
1) I hosted a small Christmas Crafting party on Sunday and had a delightful time. My homemade snow globe contains a veritable snow storm!
2) I have already completed one semester of grad school, and cannot wait for the second. Counseling Psychology is fascinating, and relates very well to my background in the arts.
3) I’ve become a nester. I keep decorating and upgrading my furniture, and having a home makes me feel so content. I used to think I’d always want to be a renter, but now I know eventually I will want to own my own place.
4) I’ve put about a gazillion miles on poor Suzuki thanks to work, and some road trips with friends. She keeps trucking along, and I have so enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making some new.
5) I have read many excellent books (as well as some terrible) and am looking forward to getting time over my week and a half holiday for reading some more.
6) My taste buds are changing. Greens entice me in a way they never had before, and I actually like cheesecake and egg nog. I know, my former enemies which I had sworn against ever enjoying are now on my holiday “must” list.

All of this is to say that things in Emilie-land continue, for the most part, to be lovely and happy and productive. They also slip by quickly.


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