And We’re Off to a Really Great Start

I just know that 2014 is going to be a solid year–I’m already having a jolly time. This morning I woke up at 5:30 and then snoozed until 6:00. I love a good snooze. After acknowledging that the morning was rolling away, I popped (read: rolled) up and got ready. I had just enough time to shower, do my hair and makeup, make and eat breakfast, make coffee, and get into the office before 8am. I was the first one there! That hasn’t happened for a while. So the morning was just delightful.

Later on I ate the lunch that I had packed myself (oh yes, I ALSO packed lunch before leaving home) and then headed over to my Dentist’s office for my teeth cleaning. I had forgotten when my appointment was, but luckily the office always confirms the day before. I arrived with a few minutes to spare, so was surprised when the receptionist greeted me with a strange look instead of a friendly smile. Things felt a little weird. “Two o’clock, right?” She didn’t even bother to use words, just lifted three little fingers and shook her head at me. So…I drove back to work. Which was good, because I ended up running into about three different fires that needed dousing. Which was also bad, because as I was straightening things out I glanced up at the clock and realized I was about to be late for my actual appointment. At this point I dropped some files off mid-conversation with a coworker and rushed off while squeaking, “I’m going to miss the dentist!” Of course I arrived promptly at five minutes before my appointment and the receptionist and I giggled over my second appearance of the afternoon. I then got to spend the next half hour relaxing in the comfortable dental chair and getting my teeth cleaned as my dental hygienist complemented my complexion, inquired after my work and shared happy holiday stories. Such bliss!

I finished out the work day (plus some more to make up for the dentist adventure), and got a reminder call about my haircut tomorrow. I wrote down the time just to be safe. When I got home I made mango-mint chicken with bean salad, paid my rent (after having to fix the year on my check…oops), and made my lunch for tomorrow. And requested an eye appointment because my prescription is about to expire.

Oh yes! And I got to take notes on my brand new clipboard-folio in the office, inspiring jealousy around me. Nothing like brand new office supplies to make a girl happy.

All I’m saying is that whether the events of this year are commonplace or extraordinary, it’s the attitude that can really make the day.


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