Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed that somehow March is halfway over. This means that not only is spring just around the corner (and it could not come soon enough), but that my two-year anniversary of living on my own is just around the corner. My cozy little home has become more so with the addition of dark bookcases, candles and other decorative knick knacks. In the past year I have switched my bedroom, moved my instruments out to the living room, and created a beautiful office nook in the back room. I have replaced my computer, and hope to replace my windshield if my appointments do not continue to be cancelled. Creating beauty in my surroundings makes me very happy. I have always been such a nester, making myself at home no matter where I am.

Comfort and stability to me are more important than adventure or excitement. I suppose that thought should come as no surprise to me, but over the last year these things have become very clear. I am still a dreamer, but I dream in ways that are different from many of my peers.

The pursuit of knowledge is my favorite kind of adventure.
I do have some desires.

I would like to find ways to perform, both with music and theatre. I dearly desire to direct again, and to be more active in writing and submitting plays.

I dream of the day in which physical fitness is not a fight or chore, but second nature. Knowing that most of my hobbies are stationary this day may not soon come to pass, but it is a pretty thought.

Mostly, though, I’m grateful for this lovely life.


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