Full Moon Moments

In Developmental Theory we discussed the concept of the “full moon moment”, or a time in which we are shining with accomplishment. In that moment, if caught at the right time, praise and acknowledgment can help propel us forward. Or, if not caught, can lend to an even deeper need for acknowledgment, as well as developmental stagnation. I think I’ve been very fortunate in this area. There are so many moments that, when I look back, have helped guide my trajectory in a positive way. I know my strengths. I also know many weaknesses. I am so often surprised at how many people are able to rattle off weakness after weakness, but are stumped when prompted to list their strengths. There is also a difference between a true confidence, and an area of sensitivity hiding behind hubris. This is not to say that I am free of those moments–I certainly have as much ego as the next person. I also know what it is like to be genuinely confident without being enslaved by ego.

I am grateful that I have had many advocates, many supporters. In addition to family members, my encouragers have most often been educators. People who meet me now are often surprised that I am an introverted observer, and was once painfully shy. That is until they see me at a party, or, heaven forbid, in a potentially flirtatious interaction. The tremendous personal growth I have made is due to a lot of hard work, but also due to the potential others have recognized in me. I am lucky. Without those honest but unexpected nudges, I know I would not be where I am at currently. Teachers from elementary to high school to college and beyond have lent me the courage I needed when I did not have it, as well as the permission to know what I am good at. I also know the feelings that occur when my full moon moments are denied or deflated. Again, and I cannot say it enough, I am so grateful that those experiences have not formed the majority of my meaning-making.

I wish I was better at affirmation and acknowledgment. I am a recognizer and encourager of strengths, but I am not good at the gooshy stuff. As a matter of fact, flowery affirmation still makes me uncomfortable when directed at me (even though I appreciate it later). While I can intellectually see other’s emotional needs, I am not always equipped to meet them. I am an excellent listener, and I can be steadfast in times of chaos or need. I am not an empathizer. It is my mission this year to be more cognizant of other’s full moon moments, so that rather than squashing them with a correction or dry joke (no matter how entertaining) I can be a nurturing element in their lives. I’m not a social worker, I have to be jealous of my energies because I am so easily depleted of them. I am an educator at heart. I am an encourager. I want to help others help themselves.

So, as cheesy as this sounds, thank you to my supporters. Thank you to my teachers (in and out of the classroom) and supervisors who have recognized my talents before I have, to my advisors who have encouraged my interests and drawn out my talents and personality. Thank you to the community members and family and friends and advocates–for your patience with my areas that need growth but mostly, thank you for the gift of knowing me. This is a gift I will always cherish, and hope to pass on to others:

The gift of self-knowledge, the gift of self-worth and self-respect, the permission to honor the self as one would honor others.

So often in the culture of care, the self is the one person not taken into consideration. Which, unfortunately, depletes the self’s ability to care for others.

It is not selfish to think of oneself.

It is self-hurting and disingenuous not to.

Sincerely, Emilie

4 thoughts on “Full Moon Moments

  1. Emily! Your post is so relevant to today’s society and my own spiritual growth. One thing I have learned is that you help the collective when you work on yourself. I’m so glad that many, our generation especially, are doing away with the old-world belief that spending time working on yourself is a negative, that we should instead be working hard in a job that serves others, perhaps living up to others expectations of how we should be living our lives.

    My Aunt (a Shaman) just sent me an interesting article about the month of April, since we just had a new moon on March 30:

    “We have reached a major tipping point. Beginning with the next new moon, which forms on March 30 at 10º Aries, the following four weeks provide almost nonstop opportunities for pivotal revelations, shifts, and breakthroughs…. It has never been more important to frequently take time out, or more precisely, time in, to check our spiritual compass and align with our higher self, so that we can use these transformative tailwinds to move us forward, rather than feel blown sideways. New moons are times to inhale, to tune into the core of our being. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the energy of initiation, of breaking new ground and birthing new forms. It takes courage to grow. It takes willpower to overcome the pull of the past. It takes resolve to endure discomfort or disapproval. It’s not easy to leave the familiar, to step into the unknown, to dive so deeply into density that we risk forgetting from where we came.”

    It is pretty focused on what is going on Astrologically, but if you are interested I can send you the full email. 🙂

  2. Loved this! And I learned a lot too, I have a lot to think about now! Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing all I can to take care of myself and grow in a healthy, productive way. And Katie, liked your comment too!

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