Art and Adventure

After a solid ten months of 60+ hour work weeks, I am so excited to announce that I am taking a few days of vacation! Today we played tourist and visited SightConnection (what we colloquially call “the blind store”), Cafe Mox (a board game cafe/store), and Seattle Center.

I know that it is so much cooler to be a travel snob and to reject the tourist traps in favor of hipster dive bars and nude beaches (whilst enlisting strangers to take humble brag photos documenting the entire experience), but I must admit I enjoy playing the tourist. Despite being a PNWer and spending a bit of my childhood in and around Seattle Center with my mom, siblings, and grandmother, I had never been up the Space Needle. Boyfriend decided that this would not do, and we abandoned all plans (including the sacred and routine Wednesday night Game Night) to have an official ADVENTURE DAY.

ADVENTURE DAY (yes, all caps) is usually something we do for me, where we force our introverted selves out of the house and around other people. This DAY can be as simple as taking a long walk in downtown Olympia, or traveling somewhere semi-spontaneously. For Boyfriend, we have spontaneous GAME DAYs.

Today was necessary, and so refreshing. Not only did I not have to be in charge of anything but driving, I also had the freedom to forget about the clock. I felt a little guilty being out and having fun on a work day, but that’s what vacation is all about. (Right?) The beauty of the city-scape paired with the gorgeous Chihuly artwork felt like a jumpstart to my creative processing, and reminded me just how much I need beauty and art in my life.

The peace that comes with stillness is also fleeting in my life, and spending 20 minutes sun-basking in front of the fountain was more precious to me than any nap or break I’ve stolen in the last year.

I don’t feel completely rejuvenated, but I am reminded of the need for art and beauty in my daily being. I am working on being more mindful of my need for this care, and hope to create the space to let myself be fulfilled.

Wishing you the ability to recognize all of the art and beauty that surrounds you.



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