Back on stage

I completed a season audition for The Evergreen Playhouse a few weeks back (my first real audition since 2011). The initial audition had some hiccoughs, but I walked out feeling good about what I did. That is a somewhat new feeling, so I am very proud of the experience. I am also excited to report that I will be in three shows this season for their company:

  • I will be part of the Snake and play Yonah in Children of Eden
  • I will play Caldwell’s Secretary in Urinetown
  • I will play Mrs. Rogers in And Then There Were None

Click on the posters at the end of the post to find information on purchasing individual and season tickets.

I’ve been starving without the arts and performance, and I’m proud that I put myself out there and am doing this. I want to keep being brave and taking on challenges, I am going to keep auditioning. Eventually I want to direct again. I’m not sure how or where, but I am going to work to make it happen. Goal, set.

I feel little parts of myself coming back to life, bit by bit. Shriveled leaves are feeling the sun for the first time in a very long time, and are beginning to unravel. Parched roots are regaining strength while sucking up moisture, and little buds are starting to form. I’m going to be ok.

Do what you love, no matter what. Otherwise, the rest of it is not worth it.



Children of Eden
UrinetownAnd Then There Were None