Why Sincerely?

I’ve got this gift–I am always sincere.

I’m not always truthful, but I am always sincere.

Even when being sarcastic, I am being sincerely sarcastic.

I get fully behind whatever it is I am doing, at all times.

I like to defend opinions that are not my own–no matter how absurd, to the bitter end.

I do this sincerely.

I like to make jokes.

I do this sincerely.

In acting I can commit to something completely even if I do not fully understand it.

This is sincerity.

This is true in my writing.

This is true in my life.

Everything I do, I do sincerely.

I can be sincere even while lying blatantly.

This is what I love most about writing, no one cares if it is true, as long as it is sincere.

Core truths are sincere, situational truths are fleeting.

This is why I sign my posts



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